One of the things I love most about what I do is creating with fabric. Designing products that represent someoneís concept for their dream yacht interior is challenging and rewarding.

Thatís why I take special efforts to provide my clients with a wide range of beautifully designed and professionally manufactured designer fabrics. Iíd rather you take the time to browse through several sample books and find just the right fabric then to simply select anything because there wasnít much to choose from. I look for the unusual and traditional -- quality and durability are first and foremost.

I have always said, about fabrics in particular, "you get what you pay for". It will be easy to see the difference in quality from my fabric selection once you step into my showroom of walls lined with fabrics from all of the top knotch Designers. If I donít have it in my showroom than I can request it from any of the showrooms, or Design Galleria located in San Francisco. Our selection includes but is not limited to: Kravet, Robert Allen, Kneedler Fuacher, Duralee, Sunbrella, Norbar, ULTRASUEDE, and ULTRALEATHER. For more ideas, visit